The 12th of December 2013, during the conference Visual Poetry In Rome at the Museum of Modern Art of Rome, Mirella Bentivoglio institutionalized the Archeoscrittura with her speech.


Archeoscrittura is a trend that involves artists exploring into their genetic memory and finding signs of archaic scripture, that then they draw to deepen in their work between language and image. These artists generally do no live in cities or industrialized areas but rather in places that allow them a better introspection.


Laura D'Andrea Petrantoni finds her inspiration in the depths of her genetic memory, and in the study and influence of the signs and symbols of the Archaic writing in the Mediterranean. Her works can be found in the Museum of Modern Art Pecci in Florence; in the Museum of woodcut Carpi in Modena; the Museum of Modern Art Maga in Varese, Milan; the Museum of Modern Art of Valencia, Spain; and in the Museum of Art Mart of Trento and Rovereto in the donation of Mirella Bentivoglio.


A major exhibition will be held in Rome next spring where there will be artists, students and researchers from this art movement.

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Archeoscrittura artwork by Laura D'Andrea shown at the London Art Fair 2014 in Islington